Go behind the scenes with “The Eagle Huntress” – [framed]#3

The first two installments of the six film [framed] documentary series featured amazing, deep conversations with the filmmakers. Don’t miss this week’s film & conversation.

The Eagle Huntress, the 3rd documentary in the Next Stage [framed] film series has been thrilling audiences since its release in late 2016. The Eagle Huntress earned extraordinary reviews for the story it tells, and the way that director Otto Bell tells it. In fact, the film is so effective that some have questioned whether it’s a true documentary, but Bell insists that nothing in the film was staged.

We will be joined for a pre film introduction and a post film Q & A, by the film’s producer Stacey Reiss, an Emmy award-winning producer who writes, directs and produces documentaries and narrative films. Her experience includes more than a decade as a producer for “Dateline NBC”.